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Learn About Acupuncture for Allergies

A lot of people are usually afflicted by allergies which cause them to suffer from nasal congestion, sniffling and sneezing. The most common way that seasonal allergies occur is when the immune system of the body becomes sensitized resulting to external allergens overreaction. The following includes examples of the most common triggers of seasonal allergies. Plants such as weeds, trees and grasses which are wind pollinated may cause allergic reactions. If you want to determine whether you have seasonal allergies you can look out for the following symptoms. Sneezing, watery or itchy eyes, postnasal drip, acid reflux, skin rashes, runny or stuffy nose and lastly look for irritated sinuses, throat or ear canals. Presence of these symptoms usually make the person to make uncomfortable for example due to nasal congestion, that person may feel like they are not getting enough air. When these symptoms occur, it is advisable that one seeks acupuncture treatment so that they can help in preventing seasonal allergies from triggering hay fever symptoms. An acupuncture work involves assisting one to maintain the vital energy flow through the body meridians.

Meridians are usually channels that serve different parts of the body for example the body organs, muscles, nerves and the body surface. Energy usually flows through these meridians then to the body and eventually balancing out the immune and the nervous systems. Allergies however, block the meridians and obstruct energy flow. This ultimately results to inflammations and infections. The smooth flow of the energy is usually restored by the acupuncture when thin needles are placed on the meridian spots. This needles usually reduce the level of histamine that is released from the mast cells. Therefore, this means that your immune system and your nervous system will be balanced. Your digestion will also be improved reducing the level of histamine since food that has not been digested also triggers immune reactions.

In most countries, the acupuncture procedure is performed by a trained acupuncturist. He or she usually places hair thin needles carefully and gently under the skin on different parts of your body. The treatment duration usually differs depending on the conditions that one is being treated. A person may need up to more than seven treatments to remove the allergies from the body if they have little stress and a strong digestive system. When the acupuncture procedure is done well, its effect can last up to twelve months. However, in most cases the effect of the acupuncture is affected by the nature and how severe the patient’s symptoms are as well as their duration. In addition, the acupuncture effects usually vary from one person to another. This means that the duration of time that it could take to cure seasonal allergies could be longer for one person as compared to another who would take a shorter duration. In most cases, the body usually takes time to respond to treatments. When the symptoms improve this would mean that you need a lesser frequent acupuncture treatment. If you suffer from season allergies it is important for you to seek an acupuncture therapist.

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