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What To Consider When Buying a PEMF Machine

The world has now adopted the use of PEMF devices when doing therapy It is as a result of the advantages that it has brought to their lives. Using the PEMF machine has improved the user’s immunity, enabled them to have stronger bones and have aided in the regeneration of their nerves. The use of the machine have helped them in healing fast their wounds, decreased their pain and also can sleep well. The use of this device has attracted a lot of individuals. The following guidelines will be helpful to you as a new buyer of the PEMF therapy device.
You should purchase the device that will be able to cover your whole body.

It will be a source of disappointment when you go for the cheap devices. Buying the machine from a company that sells full body mats will be an advantage because it comes with a local applicator. You will not see the benefits if you don’t purchase the full body treatment device. To mention a few type that is better include the Magno-pro, MRS 200, Beamer 3000 and the QRS Quatron. They are the best full body therapy devices.

An important feature to consider about a good machine is the intensity. The machine that has the intensity of about 0 to 15 micro Testas is the best. Research has shown that the best devices are the ones that have the lowest level of intensity. Do not go for the machine which has the highest intensity thinking it’s the best. The clinical studies that were done proved that the lesser the fields, the better the results.
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The frequency a good machine should have is those frequencies that are close to nature. The frequency of a better device should be ranging from 0.5 to 15 Hz. It is because you will realize the natural frequency is around 14Hz. A person’s brain has a paten that ranges from0.5 to 15Hz.
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The PEMF machine is an expensive machine. When you are buying, you should consider the warranty period that your retailer offers you. The perfect choice is going to the seller who will give you a warranty that will cover up to thirty-six months. The warranty is important considering also that the PEMF machine is very delicate and learning to use it in the first days can bring problems. Consider the dealer who will provide the best after sale services because it is important too. With a good dealer you will be able to explore all the benefits of the PEMF therapy machine.